Project Details

Metro’s North Hollywood to Pasadena Transit Corridor project is a project planned under Measure M, the 2015 ballot initiative to provide funding for better transportation options that Angelenos passed decidedly with 71.15% of the vote. In its first phase, Measure M provides $267 million in funding for North Hollywood to Pasadena bus rapid transit (BRT) to connect between Metro Orange and Gold Lines, with a 2020 groundbreaking and an opening between 2022-2024. The BRT line is planned to extend along streets in the cities of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Los Angeles.

Metro’s proposed street-running alignment would provide three stops to access destinations and transfers to local buses in central Eagle Rock at Eagle Rock Plaza, Eagle Rock Blvd., and Townsend Ave.
(Page 19 of Metro’s Alternatives Analysis)

Want to learn more about the NoHo-to-Pasadena BRT project? You can read Metro’s Alternatives Analysis report and why they recommend building BRT on Colorado Blvd (and across the whole route). You can learn more about the project, including important dates and milestones by visiting Metro’s dedicated portal for this project.

The “Beautiful Boulevard” Proposal

The Beautiful Boulevard proposal is a thoughtful, balanced, and visionary solution for Metro’s BRT project in Eagle Rock. Unlike Metro’s one-size-fits-all plans for Eagle Rock, the Beautiful Boulevard proposal provides a context-sensitive approach, organized in three zones. This solution:

  • Offers high quality transit service to Eagle Rock and a one-transfer ride to Burbank Airport
  • Preserves and enhances existing landscaped medians
  • Adds more medians to Colorado Boulevard in locations where none currently exist
  • Makes a more vibrant and walkable Downtown Eagle Rock
  • Increases street trees and reduces the heat island effect within Eagle Rock
  • Upgrades existing bike lanes to be European-style bikeways that are flush with sidewalks
  • Maintains existing curbside parking
  • Mitigates traffic impacts by maintaining travel lanes and freeway access in Zones 1 & 3
  • Builds on the visionary “Take Back The Boulevard” initiative for Colorado Boulevard

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Why LA should build more BRT

The average speed of a Metro bus has dropped 12.5% over the last 25 years as traffic has gotten worse. Check out this editorial by the Los Angeles Times supporting building BRT across LA, including in Eagle Rock!

We also recommend reading reporting by Laura Nelson on the current state of Metro’s bus system. Whether or not you are a regular transit user, you’ll gain a new perspective on the challenges that riders face in trying to get around on with Metro’s current transit service. This article makes it clear that providing quality transit in Los Angeles is critical to meet local and regional climate goals.

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Metrobus bus rapid transit in the Centro Historico of Mexico City.