We encourage you to show your support for the Walkable Boulevard by sending an email [feel free to use the text below as the basis of your letter] to the following recipients at StreetsLA:

nate.hayward@lacity.org, sarah.flaherty@lacity.org, nikki.ezhari@lacity.org, christopher.rider@lacity.org

Subject: I support the “Walkable Boulevard” for Eagle Rock Blvd

Message: I support the “Walkable Boulevard” concept for Eagle Rock Boulevard. This concept promotes a more vibrant Eagle Rock Boulevard, improves the pedestrian experience by substantially widening sidewalks, provides safe and accessible protected bike lanes, and protects the most trees and on-street parking while providing opportunities for much more greenery.   

The current alternates presented by StreetsLA fall short of fulfilling the original spirit and intent of the community-driven Rock The Boulevard process since they do not adequately enhance Eagle Rock Boulevard’s sidewalks under any scenario.

None of the options currently presented meaningfully provide a continuous, comfortable sidewalk experience. For example, the center running “median option” puts bikes in the median on a commercial corridor which is not ideal. This makes it difficult to access businesses by bike and will force people to bike on the sidewalk which is bad for pedestrians since access points to the median path will be limited. The proposed side-running protected bike lane options also have drawbacks since they miss an opportunity to double the width of our sidewalks in key sections of Eagle Rock Boulevard.

The Walkable Boulevard concept maximizes the major benefits of all existing options and takes a more context and community sensitive approach. The Walkable Boulevard concept is described in more detail at https://www.equitableeaglerock.com/the-walkable-boulevard-concept/

I support the Walkable Boulevard concept because it is focused on improving the conditions for pedestrian and provides the most opportunities for outdoor dining and displays, pedestrian plazas, and a more lively sidewalk experience with added green space while also benefiting people driving, biking, and taking public transit. I urge StreetsLA and LADOT to study this option and adopt it as the preferred alternative for Eagle Rock Boulevard.



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