The median running option for Eagle Rock Boulevard has serious flaws that result in a worse experience for all street users

  • Removes parking at key locations: Blocks that depend on on-street parking (including businesses such as Vidiots) will have severe parking impacts. For example, the median option would remove all  street parking on both sides of Eagle Rock Boulevard between Addison Way and Fair Park Avenue. The full removal of parking on several blocks means that car traffic will travel immediately next to the sidewalk with no protection for pedestrians. This is both dangerous and uncomfortable.
Median Option at Yosemite Facing North

StreetsLA’s “Median Option” pushes car traffic up against Eagle Rock Boulevard’s narrow sidewalks and removes all parking on several blocks.


Walkable Boulevard Option at Yosemite Facing North

Walkable Boulevard option will give sidewalks between 14.5 and 16.5 feet of protection from moving vehicle traffic and maintain most parking

  • Sandwiches bikes in the middle of the street: The median option puts bikes in the middle of the street. This makes it harder to reach destinations as bikes will need to “exit” the bike path and either ride in mixed traffic with cars or on the sidewalk with pedestrians for the majority of destinations along Eagle Rock Boulevard. Similarly, when trying to get onto the bike path, bicyclists will need to enter at designated entrance points. This means bicyclists will ride on the sidewalk or mixed with car traffic when trying to get onto the actual path. By comparison, with the Walkable Boulevard plan a bicyclist will be able to directly access the bike path and get on and off without creating conflict with drivers and pedestrians.
  • Eliminates opportunities to widen sidewalks and reduces protection for sidewalk users: Pedestrian friendly pockets along Eagle Rock Boulevard, including areas around Walt’s, Senior Fish, and Vidiots will lose substantial amounts of parking and push car traffic up against the boulevard’s sidewalks. Having cars right up against the sidewalk traveling 30 to 35 miles per hour will make the sidewalks less pleasant for strolling, sidewalk dining, and makes it impossible to widen our sidewalks at these pedestrian friendly hubs.