1. Better for Businesses, more parking, more space for dining: The Walkable Boulevard concept keeps the most amount of on-street parking, including on key blocks near Walt’s, Zweet’s and Vidiots. The Walkable Boulevard option also provides opportunities to double the width of our sidewalks in certain sections, providing more space for outdoor dining and displays.
  2. Better for Pedestrians: The Walkable Boulevard concept maximizes separation between pedestrians and vehicle traffic and doubles the width of sidewalks south of Westdale. It’s the only option that creates opportunities for expanded pedestrian plazas, outdoor dining, and pocket parks anchored to our sidewalks throughout the boulevard with plenty of trees.
  3. Better for Drivers: The Walkable Boulevard concept maintains the ability to left in and out of driveways and most side streets. The Walkable Boulevard option also maintains the most parking and has shorter wait times at traffic signals. The proposed center running option requires traffic turning left from Eagle Rock Boulevard to occur in two separate phases- one exclusively for southbound traffic and one for northbound. The Walkable Boulevard plan would have a single phase for both north and southbound traffic simultaneously.
  4. Better for Bicyclists: The Walkable Boulevard concept option gives bicycle riders direct access to homes, destinations, and bus stops by having a protected bike lane adjacent to the sidewalk. This option gives pedestrians an added buffer of separation from vehicle traffic to create a more comfortable sidewalk experience.
  5. Better for trees: The Walkable Boulevard concept preserves the most trees in the existing medians and plants the most trees next to the sidewalk where they will provide shade to pedestrians, outdoor dining areas, and bus riders.